Vedic Self-Management Course

Vedic Self-Management Course

Self (You) are the quintessential reason for all that you want to achieve. What you can, or what you cannot, achieve depends very much on what is your understanding and assessment of yourself. So, then, comes the quintessential question: Do you even understand yourself? When was the last time you asked yourself this question? What are your limitations, strengths or tendencies? If you truly know the answer to these questions you would be leading a life with minimal (if not bereft) of stress. Happiness would then be a daily phenomenon.

Vedic Management Center’s Vedic Self-Management Course is a radically new online training program that is designed to provide to you the knowledge and understanding of your own true Self, in a way as to empower you to achieve your goals. The program has a robust yet subtle syllabus that is more practical than just a theoretical rhetoric. Our qualified and experienced team of instructors will provide teaching and mentoring support from time to time. You might be a student, professional, entrepreneur or even a politician this course will enable to re-engineer your mind, body and life in a way so as to achieve health, wealth and prosperity in the truest sense.



    This 10 module course on Vedic Self Management is designed to teach Vedic wisdom in relation to self development in order to achieve well being in all spheres of life.  Enjoyment of success is very difficult without mental stability conversely achieving even rudimentary goals is not possible without a balanced mind and body. Even if one has a balanced mind and body, inherent tendencies, strain of day to day living, conflicting roles all create negative emotions and stress. The goal of human existence is happiness and prosperity, yet seldom is there a definite method on how to be either happy or prosperous. Questions regarding actions, consequences, life purpose ; skills associated with knowledgeable and critical thinking, wise decision making, wealth creation , sustaining power are seldom if ever addressed in educational or professional institutions. While accomplishments are valued and sought after, there isn’t an individualized method to make everyone successful. In fact, “survival of the fittest” and “success at any cost” are key phrases used, but these are in contrast to present day values of peace, equality and social justice for all.

    This questions that then arise are:

    • How can everyone be happy and prosperous?
    • Is there enough for all?
    • How is a balanced mind and body to be achieved?
    • Are prevailing methods insufficient in obtaining well being?
    • How can one fulfill one’s roles and become prosperous?
    • Is there a plan that offers a definitive and individualized method for realizing the self?
    • Can limitations be overcome in a systematic and absolute manner?
    • Can joy and peace become a permanent state of the mind?

    This course offers positive, conclusive and time-tested answers to all the above questions, through course material, personal sessions, online tools and exercises.



    In this section, an overview of the course and core philosophy that makes this course distinct from others will be discussed.

    Chapter 1 

    Understanding your mind

    The mind is the most significant element that guides daily living and critical decision making. Ayurveda suggests that if the mind is healthy the body is healthy too, correspondingly if the mind isn’t the body follows suit. So whatever you may desire to do or achieve it’s important you keep your mind  fighting fit. The most detrimental things for a mind are negative emotions (like fear, apprehension, concern, hate) and stress. While we want to avoid stress creating activities, we inadvertently create more of it with negative mental habits and tendencies. We speak of stress management, yet stress is an illness. Must we manage a disease, or simply prevent or cure it. In this section we learn about the functioning of mind, the cause of stress and methods to eliminate it.

    Chapter 2

    Appreciating the Body

    The healthy mind needs a healthy body to achieve all that it desires. Keeping a healthy body requires more than regular exercises or fad diets. In this section will provide all that you need to know about the functioning of the body and using it in a way, so as not to just reduce stress – but completely eliminate it; thereby creating a life that is not just healthy but also absolutely productive and blissful.

    Chapter 3 

    Knowledge and Wisdom

    Data, facts, opinions  are not the same as knowledge or wisdom. And unlike knowledge they do not provide an all round perspective to problem solving; unlike wisdom they do not develop foresight or understanding the root of any problem or possible solutions. Most educational programs and modern institutions focus on collecting data and memorizing information, its applicability, validity or refutability is not always emphasized. As a result, we see how often even educated grads and post-grads suffer, as much as, non-ivy league or even uneducated ones. Suffering comes through ignorance. Confusing data and information with knowledge is ignorance. Confusing knowledge with wisdom is devastating. In this chapter, we provide you with true knowledge that puts you on the path of wisdom; for wisdom isn’t something you can buy or simply learn. This chapter provides the knowledge that liberates you from all your fears, concerns, and apprehensions in turn develop wisdom. It also suggests an easy to follow path for achieving happiness in your life.

    Chapter 4 

    Cause and Effect

    Understanding the true nature of Karma (actions) and their effect is the key to accomplishing all that you truly want. Realizing the difference between Akarma (no-action), Vikarma (cognizable action) and Kukarma (incorrect actions) is the secret to becoming prosperous. Here, you will be taught all that you need to know about planning and implementing the right actions to achieve an desired outcome.

    Chapter 5 

    Responsibility /Duty

    The various roles in our life be it as a parent, an employee, or a spouse make up our lives. These roles are choices we make and they in turn provide us with an identity, security and means of happiness. But, how should these responsibilities be fulfilled without creating friction between them, and causing unnecessary stress to us. In this section, we not only provide the means to addressing the demands of life, but also how to stay true to ourselves. Here we teach you all that you need to know about the fundamental idea of what constitute righteousness and how it empowers  without demeaning . How only good actions and bring about prosperity. You’ll also get answers here to crucial questions in life like “What is the moral compass that determines good and bad?”“Why only good people suffer?” “Why bad people don’t?” and the like. The answers which you will find are not just enlightening but also life changing.

    Chapter 6   

    Contemplation and Critical Thinking

    Isolation is one of the most feared events. Yet, when we are suffering we are often in isolation. With suffering, we create emotional stress for those who are around and trying to help us. When they can’t help, they have little choice but to give up and let us go. It’s in isolation that most people suffer. Yet, there is a way to handling isolation, and turning it into a powerful tool and then building ourselves in a way as to becoming absolutely insurmountable. Here we teach the techniques of using isolation to our advantage and developing mental skills and thought processes that will serve us in any critical situation. You will learn to turn all pains into gains; all rejection into acceptance; something that is unheard of or not even considered to be a possibility.

    Chapter 7

    Mentoring and Guidance

    Mentors are those people who see their success in you; who arduously try without being attached to you to ensure that you succeed and thrive. But are such people there? If yes, how do you find them? Having the right mentor is a source of inspiration, guidance and support system. In this chapter, you will learn about the kind of mentor you need and ways to find him/her. It also teaches you the art of being a mentor to help those who may need you. And when you find them or they find you – how to build on that relationship.

    Chapter 8   


    Wealth, as we all know, is the reason for which most people in the world work. But is wealth just a currency or the digits that appear on your personal banking window? What is the true nature of wealth? How to attain a desirable amount? What is the means of building and sustaining wealth? In this chapter, we teach all aspects of wealth and the means of wealth creation.

    Chapter 9    


    Once you have wealth you will understand that it is not the same as power. Powerful men and wealthy men are two different sets of people. So, how do you deal with powerful people? How can you protect your interest from a stronger competitor? What are the keys to power? What is the real power? How to get it? How to retain it? How to build on it? These are the life changing questions which we shall try answering in a way, as to make you understand and utilize power to your advantage.

    Chapter 10   

    Physical and emotional practices

    Once you know and have understood all the aforementioned topics well, you require techniques to imbibe  them into natural tendencies. Here we will teach you easy to do methods and practices to empower you to build on the knowledge, and bring it into your everyday life effortlessly. This will enable a life free from negative emotions filled with happiness and bliss.

    Each chapter will be followed up by regular interactions with program facilitators. These sessions would enable the participants to clarify their doubts, get counselled into solving their specific problems and the like. The interactions would be free when done by email; however, there is also a scope for video-conferencing interaction where an additional fee of Euro 100 will be required.


    • Completely automated online course
    • Built in system to connect with course instructors/mentors
    • Built in quizzes and assignments
    • Free access to online webinars held every week.
    • Built in bulletin board system and e-Tools
    • Access to free email newsletters on the subject matter
    • Free subscription to VMC’s newsletters
    • Free author signed copies of books published by VMC Press


    • What is the refund policy?
      The refund is available up to one week before the course commences-
    • Is financial aid available?
      No, financial aid is not available for this course
    • What background knowledge is necessary?
      No background knowledge is necessary to complete this course; however, you must be honest with yourself and willing to try new ways of thinking and communicating to achieve the desired results.
    • Do I need to take the course in specific order?
      Yes, each module builds upon the previous one and must be taken in a specific order.
    • What will I be able to do upon completing the course?
      This course provides valuable resources for those who are seeking to increase their self-confidence, build a healthy lifestyle, overcome fears, and realize their fullest potential on multiple levels,externally and internally.
    • I’m interested and have more questions about VSMC. Where do I get more information?
      You can contact either of the course instructors or use the forum for getting answers to your questions.


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