Leadership Wisdom Tales

Wisdom tales: Helping the thankless

There once lived a man in a small village somewhere in Northern Gangetic Plain. Owing to his lethargic as well as careless attitude he would seldom keep any job. His family, owing to his joblessness, showed him no respect and in due time the man felt dejected and ventured deep …

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Meaningless Education

A decent young man who had hydrophobia wanted to learn swimming without getting into the water. So he approached several swimming coaches. “There’s no way you can learn swimming without getting into water.” he was told. “But I can pay you…” he asserted with his bloated ego. While many shrugged …

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Deeds versus Creed

Once, two friends were walking towards a brothel when they heard some people reciting Vedic hymns beautifully. “Come, friend,” said the one to the other, “let us hear the wisdom of Vedas.” So saying he went in and sat down. The second man peeped in for a while but entered …

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True Detachment

Long ago in a village somewhere in north India, a love story brewed between a young couple whose families were at loggerheads. Their love resulted in lust and eventually in a pregnancy. When the girl’s father found out he demanded to know who was responsible for it. The girl, out …

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Effects of attachment

A young lad in his twenties, frustrated with life, decided to take a vow of Sanyasa. He had nothing but loin cloths with him when he left for the woods to pursue deep meditation ,to practice Brahmacharya as well as Sanyasa – for the rest of his life. He promised …

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Circumstances or Choice? What makes us?

A drunkard and a fiend had two sons.Frequently, he would curse, abuse and beat his wife and kids. Time passed and the kids grew up. A family friend of theirs decided to visit both of the kids who lived in different places. He first went to the elder son; he did …

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Source of ritual and tradition

Long ago, a village in northern India was facing a severe rodent infestation. To counter the menace almost every house purchased cats at handsome prices. However, during the Ganesha Chaturthi – since the mouse (also a rodent) is considered a vehicle of Ganesha – the elders of the village decided to …

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Celibate and a young damsel

A beautiful damsel was infatuated with a young celibate rishi(sage). Enchanted, she asked him to renounce his celibacy and marry her, instead. “Why do you want me to marry you?” asked rishi. “To have a beautiful son like you?” she replied,  discreetly hinting at her carnal intent with lustful eyes. …

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Bite and Hiss

There once was a vicious snake blessed with lethal venom; so terrified were people about it that none dared to pass through the forest ruled by it. They preferred a longer route to their destination – but never the road which passed through that forest. After a great many years a …

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Fear Factor

There is an interesting story about the goddess of disease, who was went  from village to village making people severely sick. However, in one village, the village goddess stopped her from entering since she was morally bound to protect them. The goddess of disease argued, “It is your Karma (virtue) …

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